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Flone or how to "occupy" aerial space
Some points on what the Flone project entails and what the idea of “occupying” space implies.
Val del Omar, a river whose joy is spilling over
A review of some of the reasons to consider the work of the cinemist amazing and an invitation to visit the recently opened exhibition at LABoral
Do you still think that the Internet and the access to information is free of charge?
The art residency Next Things 2014 is awarded to Sam Kronic’s proposal to creatively alter the data flow that we receive through the wi-fi routers.
What is a Drone? Technology at the service of contemporary art
Some thoughts on the current use of “drone” technology in the art industry
'El alquimista impasible y su cine de fantasía', a tribute to Segundo de Chomón
The exhibition’s opening coincides with a LABvisiónica concert, featuring Normaa and Akasha + lo Super
Project – Process – Prototypes and Interfaces. Beyond Art and Technology
LABoral Centro de Arte will hold the seminar “Project-Process. Prototypes and Interfaces”, as part of the project “Beyond the Exhibition: New Interfaces for ...
Artists in the lab
What advancements in art result from the use of science? "Materia prima", an exhibition in an experiment format to reflect upon the convergence of art, science ...
The Mine and its Sound: in search of murmurs
La mina y su sonido [The Mine and its Sounds] is an initiative aimed at reappraising the importance of murmurs, noises and echoes. In this article we define ...



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