Credits: Extensiones-Anclajes II

Credits of the exhibition Extensiones-Anclajes II



    Francisco Crabiffosse

    Technical Department

    Orlando Fernández (coordination)

    Carolina García Lorenzo (production)

    Installing of works

    Pictures and Things

    Luminosos Ales


    Mhamed Amara

    Auseger S.L.




    Principality of Asturias:

    Vicente Álvarez Areces, President of Principality of Asturias

    Ana Rosa Migoya Diego, Head of Department of Culture, Social Communication and Tourism

    Jorge Fernández León, Director of the Agency for Communication Development and Cultural Projects

    Board of trustees of Laboral Centre for Art & Creative Industries Foundation:

    President: Leandro Guillén Barba

    1st Vice-president: Jorge Fernández León, representing the Principality of Asturias

    2nd Vice-presidency: FCC Construcción

    Board Members:

    Ana Rosa Migoya Diego, representing the Principality of Asturias

    Juan Cueto Alas, representing the Principality of Asturias

    Agustín Tomé González, representing the Principality of Asturias


    Ayuntamiento de Gijón

    Autoridad Portuaria de Gijón


    Fundación Telefónica

    Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico

    Caja de Ahorros de Asturias



    Constructora San José

    Secretary, José Pedreira Menéndez


    Regional Department for the Environment, Zoning and Infrastructures of the Principality of Asturias

    Town council of Cangas de Onís

    Town council of Castropol

    Town council of Cudillero

    Town council of El Franco

    Town council of Gozón

    Town council of Grado

    Town council of Langreo

    Town council of Pravia

    Town council of Salas

    Archbishopric of Oviedo

    Real Sitio de Covadonga

    Cuenca y Hevia Arquitectos

    Fundación José Cardín Fernández


    Hospital Central de Asturias

    Museo Marítimo de Asturias

    Museo de la Siderurgia (MUSI)

    Prostheses Department, Hospital Central de Asturias


    Mr. Abelardo Román Rojo, Manager, Hospital Central de Asturias

    Mr. Alberto Díez de Tejada Martínez, Town Councillor for Public Works

    Mr. Ángel Fernández, Head of the Prostheses Department, Hospital Central de Asturias

    Mr. Antonio de Luis Solar, Mayor of Pravia

    Mr. Arcadio Álvarez López, Town Councillor for Culture of Grado

    Ms. Asunción Torre Fernández, Director of Museo de la Siderurgia (MUSI)

    Mr. Carlos Capellán Montoto, Parish Priest of San Juan de Amandi

    Mr. César Martínez Miranda, Architect of Grado town council

    Mr. Cipriano Díaz, Parish Priest of Luanco

    Ms. Eulalia Bouzón

    Mr. Florentino Hoyos, Abad de Covadonga

    Mr. Herminio Álvarez

    Ms. Isabel Riesgo Montes, Town Councillor for Culture of Cudillero

    Mr. José Ángel Pérez García, Mayor of Castropol

    Mr. José Joaquín Heres García

    Mr. José Ramón García López, Director, Museo Marítimo de Asturias

    Mr. Juan José Tuñón Escalada, President Diocesan Committee for the Church Cultural Heritage

    Ms. M. Ángeles Iglesias Barriela, Town Councillor for Culture of El Franco

    Mr. Orencio Muñoz Baragaño, Director of Human Resources, GAM

    Mr. Víctor Fernández Coalla, Director of Fundación José Cardín Fernández

    Maite Centol

    Geli Bárcena, Roberto Carneado, Rosa M. González, Alicia Peón, M. del Pilar Berros, Brígida Villaverde, M. Teresa Pando, Mercedes Castiello, Isabel Campos, Armando Peón, Ana María de la LLera, Olvido Palacios, Aída and Jimena Villazón, Sandra Berros, Emma Iglesias, Oscar Díaz, Laura Vega, Carmen Duarte, Irene Sanmarmino, Rosa Tornado, Sandalio Mieres, Sofía Rojas, Laura Arenas, Ana Guardo, Andrea Moreno, Claudia Villahoz, Marina García, María and Beatriz del Valle, Carla García, Ricardo Llosa, Alejandro Díez, Alba Valdés, Carlos Capellán, Carmen Centol, Marian Solórzano, óscar Polanco

    Soledad Córdoba

    I wish to thank Fundación La Laboral. Centre for Art and Creative Industries and Francisco Crabiffosse for placing their trust in me for this project, and to all the individuals and institutions that helped me day after day

    Carlos Coronas

    Galería Astarté, Madrid; Galería Cubo Azul, León; Ego Gallery, Barcelona

    Dionisio González

    Galería Max Estrella, Madrid

    Adolfo Manzano

    Maite Cantón, Blas Quesada, Rubén González, Piru de la Puente, Lourdes A. Amandi, Roberto Serrano, Sendín (Radio Junior), Ainhoa Hevia and very especially to Fernando Castro Flórez, the author of the text of the work

    Juan Carlos Martínez

    José Ramón, José Luis, Isabel and Ángel Diego

    Natalia Pastor

    Cuco Suárez, Montse Corte, Adolfo Manzano, Piru de la Puente, Kaikus and Marina

    Fernando Redruello

    Suso Fondón, Bruna de Martin Strento, Juan Hurlé, Francisco Crabiffosse, Juan Stové, Manuel Fernández

    Aurora Suárez

    F3, Amasté, Serigraría XI S.L., F.Uribarri, I. Gaztambide, P.Baizán, Francisco Crabiffosse and all the staff at LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries

    Cuco Suárez

    To Franki km. 0 for the contact with the hospital, to Antonio the ceramist, to Orencio Muñoz and Lourdes A. Amandi for the container, to Ata and Consuelo for their professionalism and nepotism, to Mario Cervero for always being there, to the muses from the MUSI, Silvia, Suni, Belén and Mónica for loving me, to Vega Supervanalón and Pericles for making everything so easy, to Natalia Pastor for encouraging me and for her photographs of the mould, to her husband Kaikos and daughter Marina, to Montse Corte for the photos of the mould and her laughter, to the town council of Langreo for the venue, to doctor Fernández and all the Prostheses Department of Hospital Central de Asturias for the legs, to Adolfo Manzano and Piru (they are always there), to María José Baragaño for loving me, and to all the girls from LABoral for copying with me. To Orlando Britto Jinorio for his revision of the texts (I’m a useless writer), to Nachín and Cristina for the video, and to all my fellow artists in Anchores and all the people that have lent their collaboration for this installation in various ways.

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