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Nacho Montoto and Camilo de Ory win the First Poetry Contest: Haikús Eléctricos
The context was called by LABoral in collaboration with El Gaviero Ediciones and based around the exhibition 'Noches Eléctricas'
LABoral presents its ecoLAB with a sowing day
“Narratives of a Non-garden” sets off a wide-ranging activity programme in this space set aside to explore the meeting points of art, ecology and open ...
LABoral and CA2M jointly present 'Estación experimental'
The show can be seen between 14th May and 9th October at Madrid and from 28th October 2011 to 9th April 2012 at LABoral
"Cuerpo" (Body) of María Castellanos, at Universo vídeo. Geo-políticas
Analysis of the video-performance of María Castellanos exhibited at "Universo vídeo"
LABoral holds a street art workshop given by the Chilean graffiti artist “mono” González
The artist will prepare the mural which will be painted at the Semana Negra location
The Asturian chef Pedro Martino opens LABgastronomía this Friday
The performance by the restaurateur takes place at 7.30 pm at plat0 at the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, with entrance free of charge
Oscar Abril Ascaso presents his first actions at LABoral as Director of Activities
He intends to reformulate the architectural relationship between the spaces and the uses of the Centre, consolidate a steady network of community collaborators ...
David Martínez Suárez wins the sixth edition of the LABjoven Award with his project 'Inercia'
Jointly organised by LABoral and the Asturian Youth Institut, it is aimed at helping young Asturian creators with the realisation of experimental artistic ...
Las CasiCasiotone + Adrián Cuervo & Annie Hall+ Rob Loren will perform at LABvisiónica on Friday, 25
The festival will take place in the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón with free monthly concerts and performances until 15 April
The Symposium on Media Libraries, in the 'Artnodes' magazine
This monograph is the result of the 1st International Symposium on Media Libraries and Archives for the 21st Century, orginsed by LABoral in May last year.
LABoral selects Gijon's duet Maresia for a 6-month art residency
The jury chose it among seven candidate projects, because they follow the research lines of the Centre and the experiment with sounds in the urban and rural ...
Julia Drouhin will “cook” chocolate discs during her residency at LABoral to pay tribute to Edison’s phonograph
The French artist living in Tasmania will carry out a performance at the electronic music picnic that will take place on August 14 in the recreational area El ...
Interview with Angélica Liddell: "My relationship with Emily goes even beyond feelings"
Interview with Angélica Liddell on the two pieces presented at LABoral
Visualising Sound opens a weekend of presentations and activities this Friday with which LABoral celebrates its fifth anniversary
A concert by .tape. + Fernando Gutiérrez and Kangding Ray will provide music for the exhibition opening from 9 pm onwards. The Centro de Arte y Creación ...
Paola Tognazzi starts off the artist residency programme at Plataforma Cero
The Italian creator will develop an application for 'Weareable_SuperNow' enabling the making of music through body movement
LABoral hosts ‘INTACT’, a workshop on real-time Web creation with telepresence and teleshared actions
Taking place at the Centre of Art’s PlatO, from Friday 23 until Sunday 25 between 10 am and 7 pm, with free registration
Awarded the five production residencies launched by the European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation
Ganzfeld (US), Evelina Domnitch y Dmitry Gelfand con Paul Prudence (BY, RU, UK), Alan Warburton (GB), Myriam Bleau (CA), Tokuyama Tomonaga and Wladimir Schall ...
Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, short-listed for the international awards of the Network for Innovation in Culture (NICE)
The centre has presented the educational programme auLAB, developed by LABoral in partnership with the Directorate General of Vocational Education, School ...
Interview with LCC at L.E.V. 2014
Interview with the couple of artists LCC at L.E.V., just before releasing their new album d/evolution, which they define as emotional
More electronic and more visual
A visit to L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) 2015. An event with much more than electronic music and visual pieces
Vessels, an aquatic robotic installation by Sofian Audry, Stephen Kelly and Samuel St-Aubin
The Canadian artists and researchers have been carrying out a residency in Plataforma 0. Production Centre of LABoral to develop their project
LABoral offers new cycles of Robotic Camps this summer
Aimed at children audience aged from 7 to 14, they are held from June 30 to August 28 weekly
Bueno and Political Personal Disaster Close the Cycle of LABvisiónica concerts
The concert will be held at Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial on Friday 15th April
Art is a privileged means of resistance against the present
From 22 June, LAB presents the work by Karlos Gil “The Moon Museum”. We analyse its multiple readings and we delve into the construction of his message.



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