Music in Videogames

Who has not played a videogame at one time or another? Who has not embarked upon a journey to a fantastic world, carried away by the sounds and music that accompany the action? In this workshop we go even further: we discover the sounds that are chosen for different kinds of adventure, the music accompanying the hero, the villain, Arcade games, platform games, war games...

Venue: LABoral
Music in Videogames

Gameworld. Image: Enrique G. Cárdenas

In a world where the progress of computer technology is measured, to a certain extent, by the quality of its videogames – from its realism to its visual impact – the importance of their music has accordingly increased. The evolution of this music will be analysed and enjoyed in this workshop, starting with games played on the old computers of the 1980s until the most modern ones, uncovering the different sounds chosen for each the situations and characters.

Directed by: 
Juan Antonio Martínez, professor of music and pedagogy. Has collaborated in various concerts for children in Asturias and has worked for the Madrid City Council. 
Eduardo Gª Sañuela, Master’s degree in Musicology. He was the coordinator and director of the “músicaAbierta” activity series’ at Gijón’s Ateneo.

Time: from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Directed to: children of 12 years of age and up 

Registration: 6 €



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